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Webinar: Trustworthy Systems Manifesto

December 06, 2018


Speaker: Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director, CISQ
Presented live on December 6, 2018



The Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) has launched a Trustworthy Systems Manifesto.


As a greater portion of mission, business, and safety-critical functionality is committed to software-intensive systems, these systems become one of the largest sources of risk to enterprises and their customers. In an era of 9-digit glitches (IT incidents with damages over $100,000,000), corporate executives are responsible for managing software risk and need guidance for communicating their expectations and developing policy to insure the business or mission is enabled by trustworthy systems.


This webinar will introduce the Trustworthy Systems Manifesto and discuss its 5 principles:


  1. Engineering discipline in product and process
  2. Quality assurance to risk tolerance thresholds
  3. Traceable properties of system components
  4. Proactive defense of the system and its data
  5. Resilient and safe operations



Watch the webinar on CISQ YouTube / Download the presentation







One thought on “Webinar: Trustworthy Systems Manifesto

  1. This is the first Webinar I attended from CISQ. It was a well thought, structured presentation. I appreciate the organizer and presenter for such an event. I have registered as a member at your site.

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