Webinar: Standard Metrics to Manage Software Risk

There is a lot of discussion in the IT community about the spread of software complexity and the increasing risks IT software managers are facing to keep up with the speed of business. This is one of the key issues CISQ is addressing through the promotion of software metrics that can be used as a standard indicator of software quality attributes that are also leading risk indicators.

Jasmine AlexanderPenton logo On December 6th, 11am EST Dr. Bill Curtis, the Director of CISQ, and Jasmine Alexander, SVP and CIO of Penton Media took part in a panel discussion about managing IT software development and maintenance by using metrics. Dr. Curtis and his guest focused on the following topics:
– What are some of the software risk drivers in the IT industry today

– How does the business treat software risk; what are the attitudes on preemptive investment

– What type of measurement frameworks are used to manage risk today

– What are the requirements for adopting a standardized software measurement framework.
During the webcast the panelists covered the above questions as well as questions received during the course of discussion. To view the webinar, please click here.

The CISQ team