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The Director’s Blog

It’s been several years since I was asked to become the first Director of CISQ. I’ve resisted the urge to blog in favor of driving the creation of automatable measures of software quality, presenting keynotes and webinars, consulting with IT executives, and publishing in both academic journals and the trade press. However, the almost daily outages of software-intensive systems whose damages are in the billions of $€¥₤ have convinced me that we need a blog focused software quality and directed at senior IT and business executives and managers. I will be posting weekly. The posts will alternate between advocating critical changes in our approach to ensuring the dependability, resilience, security, and cost-effectiveness of software-intensive systems, and translating the latest results from research and case studies into actionable recommendations for senior IT and software executives and managers.
I look forward to interacting with those who are affected by software quality and want to take action, or at least discuss the critical issues.


Dr. Bill Curtis
Director, CISQ

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