OCCD™ (OMG-Certified CISQ Developer™) Program

Professional Certification Exam for Software Structural Quality


CISQ is planning a software quality professional certification exam with the Object Management Group® — termed the OMG Certified CISQ Developer™ or OCCD™ Program.



Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director, CISQ


“Recent IT disasters in the news are entering the era of nine-digit defects, where incidents can pass the $100 million mark in damages. These incidents have escalated beyond the CIO to the boardroom. This program will enable the C-suite to better manage IT risk by giving them measures of their developers’ proficiency and knowledge of the structural weaknesses enumerated in the standards, developed by CISQ and adopted by OMG, for measuring Reliability, Security, Performance Efficiency, and Maintainability of Software Applications. Structural weaknesses are the primary cause of outages, unauthorized penetrations, degraded performance, and excessive lifetime costs.” – Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director, CISQ







Who will be certified?


The OCCD certification program will certify developers, architects, and IT professionals. The exam will focus on the application of good coding and architectural practices to build secure, reliable, and easy-to-maintain software. The exam will certify the developer’s knowledge of structural weaknesses cataloged in the CISQ Quality Characteristic Measures, which are OMG standards.


How will new practitioners learn the material? Who will produce the needed books and courses?


The OCCD program itself, with its comprehensive examination, will stimulate the production of books and courses teaching the CISQ Quality Characteristic Measures. OMG’s experience with its four existing certification programs demonstrates the ability of a certification program to establish such a market: The examination will form the nucleus of an “ecosystem” of materials that train practitioners to use the Quality Characteristic Measures in their work as they study for their certification. Some of this material will be posted online by its authors for free download; other material (including instructor-led courses, e.g.) will require payment (to the authors or training companies; OMG does not require payment for use of specification content). The certification program will publish a detailed examination Coverage Map to aid authors in their production of training material. The program will also support training companies by listing those with dedicated courses on our website for free, awarding them an “OMG Listed Trainer” logo, and occasionally offering additional marketing assistance. Note that training companies’ marketing efforts for their courses simultaneously benefit the certification program and the CISQ Quality Characteristic Measures themselves. (OMG will require that material authors and presenting trainers be OCCD certified in order to receive benefits.)


How will the exam be administered?


The program will comprise of a single comprehensive examination and corresponding certification. The examination will contain 120 multiple-choice questions that cover all 86 weaknesses defined by the four standards. The exam will be administered by Pearson VUE at their worldwide network of secure testing sites.


What are the benefits of becoming OCCD-certified?


Being awarded the OMG Certified CISQ Developer (OCCD) certification will signify a commitment to building secure and dependable software. With the recent spate of high visibility IT disasters, customers will want the reassurance that the software they buy was designed and written by certified programming staff. Certification is professional training for IT teams.


Can my organization sponsor the program?


CISQ and the OMG are seeking program launch sponsors. OMG is pre-selling bundles of vouchers which will become valid for the program’s examination when it publishes. Companies that purchase these voucher packs become program sponsors and receive a number of promotional considerations in addition to vouchers more than equal in value to the price of the sponsorship.


For more information, email info@-it-cisq.org.