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Software Quality in Federal Acquisitions

March 26, 2014



Join us for the next CISQ Seminar at the OMG Technical Meeting on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at the HYATT Reston Town Center (1800 Presidents Street) in Reston, VA USA. Dr. Bill Curtis and other esteemed speakers will provide valuable information on the role of software analysis and measurement in acquiring government systems. Areas of focus include acquisition practice, sizing and estimating, and developments in assurance and security within the federal space.


The objectives of the CISQ – Software Quality in Federal Acquisitions Seminar are to:

  • Motivate participants to use software sizing and structural quality measures to reduce the risk and cost of software. 
  • Present the CISQ/OMG measures for Automated Function Points, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Security, and Maintainability.
  • Present best practices for deploying and using software measures in productivity analysis and improvement, vendor management, benchmarking, and structural quality management.
  • Identify pitfalls to avoid in analysis and use of measures. 
  • Describe experiences and lessons learned using software measures in large organizations.

This seminar is intended for IT Executives, application managers, software measurement and improvement specialists, quality assurance professionals, and others interested in using automated software measures.


Hosted By: Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) in cooperation with Object Management Group (OMG), Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Interoperability Clearinghouse, IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC)



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(Last Updated 3/25/2014)


0800 – 0900





Morning Segment: System Engineering Practices


0900 – 0915


Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Bill Curtis, Director, CISQ; Kevin Jackson, IT-AAC


0915 – 1000


Sizing and Estimating Software Risk

Lead: David Herron, David Consulting Group
Neal Ziring, NSA Information Assurance Directorate TD
This presentation will introduce the uses of productivity analysis with a strong emphasis on continual improvement. Three types of measures required for productivity analysis-size, effort, and application demographics-along with how to avoid pitfalls in collecting them will be discussed, along with the description of how Function Points have emerged as a preferred measure of size.


1015 – 1100


Advances in Information Assurance Standards

Lead: Robert Martin, Project Lead, Common Weakness Enumeration, MITRE Corp.
Emile Monette, Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity, GSA Office of Mission Assurance
Dr. Paul Black, Computer Scientist, NIST
Michael Kennedy, Division Chief for Architecture and Interoperability, ISE
Mr. Martin will describe the national efforts to identify and eliminate the causes of security breaches through the development of the Common Weakness Enumeration repository. He will describe best practices for using information in the repository for improving the security of software. He will describe how to measure the security of software and how this is done using the CISQ measure for Security, whose definition he led.


1115 – 1200


Lessons Learned in Health IT Security

Lead: John Keane, Military Health Systems
Robert Babiskin, CTO, ICH
Mr. Keane will describe the tools and processes his team uses to measure and manage structural quality on DoD contracts. He will describe how he uses analysis from several tools to get more complete coverage of security and structural quality issues. He will present data from his extensive use of these tools to show how security and quality are inextricably linked and what benefits can be achieved by managing Software Assurance in a holistic manner.


1200 – 1300





Afternoon Segment: IT Acquisition and Management CSFs for Assured Outcomes


1300 – 1315



MajGen John Brennan, USAF ret, Executive Director, IT-AAC


1315 – 1400



Facilitator: John Weiler, CIO Interop. Clearinghouse
AA/S and DA/S Roberta Stempfley, CS&C NP&PD DHS
Software acquisition has been a challenge in the public sector for a long time, hitting fever pitch with the rollout and some of the software supply chain issues being dealt with in the Defense community. More concerted, standardized measurement of software being acquired is necessary, as well as the policy to move the acquisition establishment towards better governance models.


1415 – 1500


New Findings on Measuring the Effectiveness and Quality of Agile Projects

Facilitators: Dr. William Nichols, Software Engineering Institute; Dr. Bill Curtis, CAST
Alden V. Munson, Jr, FMR DNI SAE currently Sr Fellow & Board Member, Potomac Institute for Advanced Technology
This session will present new research being released by both the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and CAST Software on the measurement of agile projects. The featured results from the SEI will present conclusions from a study of transactional data collected from an Agile life-cycle management platform. Results will be contracted with data from Team Software Process (TSP) projects. Findings include observations on some difficulties and limitations in measuring agile projects and the consistency of agile practices. CAST will present results from its upcoming release of the bi-annual CRASH Report on differences in structural quality attributes observed among different development methods. The session will conclude with open discussion on the impact of observations from these studies on Federal acquisition practices.


1515 – 1600


Using Software Productivity and Structural Quality Measures in Public and Private Contracts

Facilitators: Dr. Bill Curtis, Director, CISQ; John Weiler, CIO Interop. Clearinghouse
At the request of outsourcers and system integrators, CISQ was formed by the Software Engineering Institute and Object Management Group to develop standards for source code attributes such as size and quality characteristics. Automated Function Points (now an OMG Approved Specification) and specifications for measures of Reliability, Performance, Security, and Maintainability (soon to be submitted for OMG approval) have been defined by a group of public and private experts. These measures will be presented along with how they have been used in outsourcing and acquisitions. Lessons learned, caveats, and contractual concerns will be discussed.


1615 – 1730


Cocktail Social

Network with your peers and senior leaders!


To download materials from this event click here.

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