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Jaarcongres Innovatie & Transformatie hosted by ICT Media

September 19, 2017

Date: September 19, 2017

Venue: NBC Congrescentrum, Blokhoeve 1, 3438 LC Nieuwegein, Netherlands



Paul Bentz, CISQ Director of Government and Industry Programs, will lead a panel discussion, “Measuring software assets to support innovation: the importance of standards.”



From the ICT Media website:


Technological, economic and social developments demand from organizations a change force that exceeds the competences of the traditional IT department. However, the IT function can play a crucial role within the organization of the future. This calls for leadership, governance, digital, security, speed, and ecosystems. During the Annual Congress Innovation and Transformation we outline the contours of the future organization.


Leadership – Much more than a matter of purely technological choices, the process of digitalization is a strategic organizational issue. That requires leaders with vision, conviction and power. What are the characteristics of contemporary leadership? How can the CxO digitization shape?


Digital and data – More and more organizations embrace the idea of ​​data and information as the basis for digital renewal. In that, KI and robotization can not really be missed. And Block-chain is more than the underlying virtual currency system. The art is, however, individual and self-initiating initiatives in parts of a larger whole. That calls for a holistic view of digital assets. How do you get that done?


Security, Privacy and Compliance – Security and data privacy are important pillars of enterprise continuity. Software may contain as many vulnerabilities, human being is the weakest link in the security chain. How can organizations enforce safe work without compromising user experience and productivity?


Speed ​​- In order to innovate faster, more and more companies and institutions choose a bi- or even trimodal approach: In addition to traditional, operational IT, digital innovation is set apart. How far can you pass this? What is productive? Should not the ‘run’ be in the acceleration?


In addition to technology, innovation and transformation in the digital age thus relies on the (re) shaping of the entire organization. There is no standard model for this, but CxO’s have a range of possibilities that can be productive. The main issues are discussed during the Years of Innovation and Transformation.






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