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Cybersecurity Workshop at OMG Technical Meeting

September 28, 2017


Cyber threats facing an organization’s critical infrastructure, mission-critical systems, or any Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system, demand a cyber infrastructure that matches their combined enormity and complexity. Risk management solutions must be capable of understanding intricate attack patterns and assessing complex vulnerabilities to give stakeholders confidence in their system’s ability to withstand malicious attacks, operate as intended, and within the appropriate regulatory boundaries.


The OMG’s Cybersecurity Workshop on September 28, 2017 brings together practitioners developing IT standards targeted at the security engineering lifecycle and the digital transformation of business operations. Learn how to plan for, budget, and reduce costs associated with building/acquiring secure and resilient software.


Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director of CISQ, will present Code Quality Standards and Technical Debt Management.


This special event is part of the OMG Technical Meeting, September 25-29, 2017 in New Orleans, LA. The registration fee for the Cybersecurity Workshop is $149 and includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. (Full meeting week registration includes the Workshop!)


The Workshop begins with a cybersecurity primer aimed at executive leadership, managers and engineers. The primer will cover key concepts needed to consistently apply cybersecurity processes across product lines and programs.


Presentations include:

  • Safe, Secure and Reliable Industrial Internet: A Standards Story – Robert A. Martin, Senior Principal Engineer, MITRE; Steering Committee Member, Industrial Internet Consortium
  • Security Views in the UAF (Unified Architecture Framework) – Matthew Hause, GTM Solutions Specialist, Fellow, PTC; Co-Chair, OMG UAF Task Force
  • Model-based Cybersecurity Assessment – Dr. Nikolai Mansourov, CTO, KDM Analytics
  • Federated Threat Analytics and Information Sharing – Cory Casanave, President and CEO, Model Driven Solutions; Co-chair, OMG Government Domain Task Force
  • Cyber Information Sharing and Safeguarding – Mike Abramson, President and CEO, Advanced Systems Management Group (ASMG Ltd.); Co-chair, OMG C4I Domain Task Force
  • Cloud Security and Data Residency Considerations – Claude Baudoin, Owner and Principal Consultant, cébé IT and Knowledge Management; Steering Committee Member, Cloud Standards Customer Council
  • Code Quality Standards and Technical Debt Management – Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director, Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ); SVP and Chief Scientist at CAST
  • Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity: Cost vs. Protection

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