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Cyber Risk Summit at OMG’s Technical Meeting

September 14, 2016

OMG's Cyber Risk Summit


Cyber threats facing a nation’s critical infrastructure, mission-critical systems, or any Internet of Things (IoT) system, demand a cyber infrastructure that matches their combined enormity and complexity. Risk management solutions must be capable of understanding intricate attack patterns and assessing complex vulnerabilities to give stakeholders confidence in their system’s ability to withstand malicious attacks.  


The Cyber Risk Summit hosted September 14 during the OMG® Technical Meeting will discuss standards-based methods and solutions to combat cyber risk and bolster the security and resiliency of IT systems. Speakers will share business cases where automated risk management solutions addressed key cyber risk issues while reducing cost.


Currently — understanding, assessing and managing the risks of complex cyber and/or cyber-physical systems is a very costly and challenging task that requires the expertise of well-trained and seasoned security professionals, a scarce commodity. The traditional approach to risk assessment relies primarily on informal inputs such as documentation and personnel interviews, making this approach subjective, non-comprehensive, non-repeatable, and prone to inaccuracies about the true nature of risks and vulnerabilities involved.


To address this capability gap, a comprehensive, automated and quantitative risk management solution for cyber/cyber-physical systems is required. A more robust process is required, one that is structured, one that is meticulously systematic in understanding risks and designing security mechanisms, one that is supported by effective, sustainable and affordable automated solutions. To achieve the goal of end-to-end automated cyber risk management solutions, there needs to be seamless integration between many proprietary products requiring well-defined standard protocols for exchanging required information.


Attendees will learn about the real-world application of standards to help organizations understand, assess, and manage cyber risk.


The registration fee is $149 and includes refreshments, lunch and a networking reception. CISQ members are encouraged to attend.


Learn more and register here.



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