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CISQ/OMG Automated Function Point specification available on the CISQ Website

The CISQ specification for Automated Function Points has been approved as a Supported Specification of CISQ’s co-sponsor, the Object Management Group. The preliminary draft of the specification currently undergoing finalization in OMG is available in the members area as 13-02-01 Automated Function Points. Membership in CISQ is free and we will be posting more materials related to the use of this specification over time.
This Thursday, February 14 at 10:30 AM EST (15:30 GMT) CISQ is sponsoring a Webinar on how automated Function Points will affect the future of software sizing and application development. The Featured Speaker will be David Herron, co-author of the book Function Point Analysis, co-founder of the David Consulting Group, and the technical lead of the multi-national CISQ work group that developed the Automated Function Point specification.
This specification mirrors as closely as possible the counting guidelines of the International Function Point User Group (IFPUG). However, the specification necessarily resolved any decisions involving subjective judgment in order to support automation. Therefore, although counts may differ from those of manual counters, the cost of counting will be dramatically reduced and the consistency increased. CISQ members believe that these cost and consistency benefits will dramatically increase the use of Function Points as a sizing measure of choice in IT as well as expand the opportunities for Function Point experts to engage with IT organizations to support productivity analysis, benchmarking, estimating, vendor management, and other activities to which sizing is important.

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