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CISQ Webinar

March 14, 2013

Managing Software Risk, a Webinar Featuring Chris Dressler, VP Technology Architecture at Cablevision

Chris Dressler

There is a lot of discussion in the IT community about the spread of software complexity and the increasing risks IT software managers are facing to keep up with the speed of business. This is one of the key issues CISQ is addressing through the promotion of software metrics that can be used as a standard indicator of software quality attributes that are also leading risk indicators.


On March 14th at 11am EST, please join Dr. Bill Curtis, the Director of CISQ, and Chris Dressler, VP Technology Architecture, Cablevision for a webinar presentation about managing IT software development and maintenance by using metrics. Chris will cover some of the software risk drivers in the IT industry today, how business treats software risk and what types of measurement frameworks are used to manage risk today.


The webcast will be one hour long including plenty of time for a Q&A session.




The views expressed in this webinar are that of Chris Dressler alone and do not necessarily reflect that of Cablevision.






To view the webinar please click here.

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