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CISQ – 2013 Review and 2014 Plans

Happy New Year

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Since our formation in 2011, The Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) has taken IT industry leadership for measuring and improving the quality and productivity of business application software. We are the collective voice of global IT leaders explaining the costs and risks of poor application quality along with best practices to improve.


Highlights of CISQ in 2013

  1. The CISQ specification for Automated Function Points (AFP) was approved as a supported specification of the Object Management Group, making it an international standard.
  2. We conducted CISQ Deployment Workshops on Productivity and Quality Measurement at OMG meetings in Reston, Virginia (March) and Berlin, Germany (June).
  3. We signed up industry giants Huawei and Wipro as CISQ Silver Sponsors.
  4. We now have over 750 worldwide CISQ members across a broad range of industries.
  5. We hosted a lively CISQ IT Executive Roundtable in New York City on Software Robustness and Resiliency in Capital Markets.
  6. We submitted comments on CISQ’s behalf to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding a proposed new regulation governing software that affects securities trading markets, “Regulation Systems Compliance and Integrity – Rule 1000(b)(1)”.
  7. We provided guidance globally on best practices for deploying industry-standard measures of software size and structural quality.


Plans for CISQ in 2014

As exciting as the first three years have been, they have laid the foundation for what should be a banner year for CISQ accomplishments in 2014. Not only will we be submitting additional measures for approval by OMG, but we will be initiating work on additional measures that build the next level of measurement infrastructure atop our existing definitional work. Our plans for 2014 include:


  1. We will submit the CISQ Quality Characteristic Measures for Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Security, and Maintainability for approval as supported specifications of the OMG.
  2. We will initiate work with CISQ Sponsors to define CISQ measures for Technical Debt and Quality-Adjusted Productivity. Initial definition workshops to be held in the second quarter in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  3. We will begin developing a CISQ Certification Program for individuals, technologies, and organizations that provide quality diagnostics and services using CISQ/OMG measures.
  4. We will conduct CISQ Deployment Workshops at OMG meetings quarterly, beginning at Reston, Virginia in March.  We will also begin conducting CISQ Workshops in Europe and Asia either as standalone events or in conjunction with other meetings or conferences.
  5. We will provide comments and other input on policies and regulations regarding software quality to public organizations requesting input.
  6. We will substantially expand the structural quality content available on the CISQ Website.
  7. We will begin providing internal consulting on productivity and structural quality measures for CISQ Sponsors.


I am looking forward to a productive 2014 and what we will do together to improve IT software quality in the wake of the recurrent disasters that have plagued IT in financial services, retail, and other industry segments.


My best wishes to you, your family, and your organization for a happy and successful 2014!

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