“The Future of Software Sizing with Automated Function Points”

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Featured Speaker: David Herron, Co-Founder & VP, The David Consulting Group
Moderator: Dr. Bill Curtis, Director , CISQ
This Webinar announced the availability of an OMG Specification for Automated Function Points and discussed its effect on the future of software sizing. David Herron, the leader of the international team that developed the specification and co-author of Function Point Analysis, discussed the uses of software sizing, the case for functional measures, and the need for automation. He presented the new specification for Automated Function Points and described their impact on managing software development and maintenance whether conducted in-house or outsourced.

1. Brief announcement of the new OMG standard – Curtis
2. The Future of Software Sizing with Automated Function Points – Herron

  • Why is sizing important
  • Approaches to software sizing
  • Current state – Software sizing methods and metrics
  • The case for automating Function Points
  • The OMG/CISQ standard for Automated Function Points
  • The future of software sizing with Automated Function Points

3. Questions and Answers – Herron & Curtis
The Automated Function Points specification will be available to the public for free download at www.omg.org.

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