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CISQ Webinar: New Automated Technical Debt Standard

November 02, 2017

The CISQ measure of Automated Technical Debt has just been approved by the OMG® as a standard for measuring the future cost of defects remaining in system source code at release. The ripple effects from Technical Debt can hinder innovation and put businesses at unacceptable levels of risk, including high IT maintenance costs, outages, breaches, and lost business opportunities.


In this webinar, Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director of CISQ, will introduce the new Technical Debt measure and outline how the specification is composed. He will present a full picture of the Technical Debt metaphor and how it can be used to communicate IT issues to the business. The measure is ready to be used by vendors of static code analysis (SCA) tools that detect violations of good coding and architectural practice in software. He will present a process for steadily reducing Technical Debt in critical business applications. Business leaders will learn how to use the measure to manage and reduce IT risk.




























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